Gay Rantz #1 Being a Bottom

Uh Oh!  I said the no-no word “bottom”.  The word “bottom" refers the the submissive partner in gay sex. (I will never understand why that is so hard for people to grasp but I digress)  Bottoming has a lot of stigma that is greatly founded on stereotypes. The stereotype is that the effeminate guy in the relationship is always the bottom.  Of course we all know that is not true especially in the diverse world of gay sex.

Don’t knock it until you try it my fellow gays!  There are some wonderful benefits to being a bottom.  Before I go on my tirade let me first say this…if you are considering being a bottom, make sure you clean your no-no region.  You are dealing with a very taboo area of your body and certain precautions need to be taken.  If you know you are going to bottom make sure you douche or just take a nice hot shower before hand.  The top will be very angry if there is a lot of “golden mysteries” running down their penis. :p

"Why would you won’t something stuck in you ass anyway?".  I am so glad you asked my friend.  Many people don’t consider the biology behind anal sex.  We are all familiar with the term G-spot but were exactly is the male G-spot? No, it is not the penis silly!  The male G-spot is a small walnut sized organ called the prostate.  The prostate is located right behind the testis and can be felt just inches inside the anus.  The prostate helps secrete seminal fluids in the body.  This little walnut sized buddy can create some intense orgasms.  It is even possible to ejaculate without touching your penis but by stimulating your prostate. Some straight males like getting their prostate stimulated because theirs are more intense.  So, never think that the bottom is just getting pounded for no reason.  They are enjoying a sensational feeling that leads to a sensational conclusion :D.

Now being a bottom has its benefits but also it’s drawbacks.  It is not an easy chore to do.  I am not going to sit here and tell you that being a bottom doesn’t hurt because it does.  No matter if you have a swimming pool of lube, it does hurt when you start off.  The pain is not your usual ouch pain but more pressure pain.  Just like any other muscle in the human body, the more it is used the stronger it becomes.  You become use to the pain but it diminishes if you are having sex with someone who will wait for you to relax.

There are a hell of a lot of things I could of said about being a bottom but it all boils down to preference.  Some guys hate it some love it.  Don’t be afraid to expand the spectrum of sex though.  If you are a top be a bottom once in a while and vice-versa for a bottom.  My daily rant is over!…more to come soon!